Archerfish Help/Question

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Oct 15, 2020
Couple days ago I was able to get ahold of 3 Clouded Archers (wanted 5 but by time I got to store only 3 were left), on the second day of getting them they started eating and now today they are bottomless pits and after moving them out of quarantine they have setup their own territories. My question is that it seems they get really skinny fast I target feed them by throwing a piece of shrimp beside or infront of them if I feed them in the mourning you can see the bulge in their belly but then after a couple hours they are skin and bones I’m feeding them freeze dried krill tails and bloodworms along with the pieces of flakes that make it past the rainbows (they won’t accept pellets yet but will try feeding them bug bites when settled in) they are also a lot darker in my tank then the lfs where they where a lot more white/yellow, but other than that they seem healthy as they are eating well, coming to the front glass when I’m close, and even go head to head right into the school of rainbows to get food. The pictures are of when I first got them into the main tank they started off white but since then have darkened.