Are my angels ready to breed?

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Nov 30, 2002
Portland, Or.
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Two months ago, I bought a Pair of large silver angels at a local fish shop, after watching them for a couple of weeks. I noticed that they had paired off and were staying closly togeather. I placed them in a 72 gal. plant tank with an assortment of other community fish. (Groamies,gold barbs, cardinal tettras, rainbows, siamease algea eaters, a big pleco, and a few fiddler crabs.) In the past few weeks they have been "attacking each other". The female has turned sort of yellow on the top of it's head. I have seen them bite at each others mouths, locking on to each other sometimes. She is picking at a flat piece of driftwood, possibly cleaning it. I have never had a breeding pair a Angles before and need information on what to do and how to care for them if they do lay eggs. l