Assassin Snails Are Killers...

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I found this today while cruising the net....just a short little blurb but interesting to me

TMU News
April 20, 2009

Killer Snail Kills German Reseacher

Suluwasi Indonesia
Today the body of Hans Feinkelstien of the Invert Research Foundation was found in a remote location of Suluwasi Indonesia by a local fish collector. Hans has been missing for 10 days when he failed to return from a scientific study of Anentome Helena or commonly called the Assassin Snail in the aquarium hobby.
His body was discovered in a quiet pool near the Faketun River where Hans had been conducting his field studies. According to reports there was little left of Hans but that the entire body was covered by Anentome Helena. The Medical examiner that examined the body has determined that Hans was attacked and killed by the Anentome Helena. “All indications are that the snails he had collected were the cause of his death. We have found evidence to indicate that Hans was first attacked by the snails he had collected and then fell into the river as he struggled for his life.” stated the state medical examiner who examined the body.
“This is why we need tighter restrictions of importation of species into the United States” screamed the senator from Guam when she heard the news. “I will get this bill through even if the science behind it is based on the same science the global warming scientist use. I mean how long before a Anentome Helena attacks and kills a child why they are cleaning their Spongebob Fish Tank ”
There have been reports of Anentome Helena attacking and killing dwarf shrimp and according to researchers it would not be that big of a jump to assume that larger animals are on the menu. Anentome Helena has not been really studied in depth and the death of Hans has set back all information on this species by years since all his notes were lost when his notebook fell into the water with him.


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Apr 19, 2009
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YES!!!!!! Man eating Assassins! I want one for my aquarium.

/ I am assuming that this is a hoax someone has made up.


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Oct 20, 2005
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did you get this from the onion by any chance


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did you get this from the onion by any chance
Nope I didn't

How slow do you have to be to be attacked by snails?

I think just about everyone should be able to out run them!
that was my thought too I figure Hans was just a little slow if you know what I mean....:evil_lol:


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I'm just wondering how many of my web friends I killed since I just sent out quite a few shipments of Assasins.