Best Tank Background Product?

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Nov 16, 2004
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OMG!! You've got the whole floor to ceiling thing more than covered!!! I LOVE it! Although I don't totally understand the PVC pipes I think I get the gist for real plants & they all look real. Is it tank water running through all the PVC?

I'm pretty sure I have that val or a similar 1 in just half tank now. It's a matter of control & willing "next owners" with big tanks. I'm running out of plant club friends with bigger than small apartment sized tanks...I feel bad if I have to compost it but I do it especially since covid...sigh....

So I still don't get the Disney Mermaid reference...& I only see 1 full, 1 partial tile with a bit of a 3rd. Not cartoonish IMO but more an artistic rendering...I need some loach art, lol. Or maybe you're inspiring me to go all DIY? I have high ceilings too, but maybe not as good of lighting & certainly not PVC watering tubes...jealousy...if I don't have to do the old chubby woman crawl space comando crawl. Really, not happening!
Yes! All live and natural, mostly Pothos with many guests growing out of the pipes. The water goes up the tube to the right and then goes left and down, then crosses back right and down, then left again. In total there are about 24' of 4" PVC pipes attached to the wall going up about 10'. I drilled 1.5" holes along the top of each tube so I could put plants in and their roots would be exposed to highly aerated flowing water. It's a bit nuts, especially if you don't see yourself as a ladder acrobat.

The upcoming mural will be Disney mermaid themed. My wife and I are doing some of the early drafting and layout. There is nothing to see yet. The new tank will not be planted. The plants will move to the cichlid tank to the right. Fewer plants means we'll actually be able to see it. I think I finally have my fill of crazy jungle in the tanks and am ready to try scaping with space instead of filling every cubic inch.

I'd love to do a loach tile! I didn't have loaches when I did those tiles but I do now. I did an angel fish and a gold fish. They are renderings of actual fish I had. The other tile is a water bear which is probably tied with the coelacanth as the coolest animal on the planet.

A giant background would not require the detail these pieces have.

There are several ways to grow some serious terrestrial plants out of the tank which do not require ladders or commando crawling. All it takes is moving water. I've seen it done well with a single PVC tube resting on single tank. Any filter other than a hang on back filter can supply water through a tube on the back as part of the return. I'd be excited to read all about whatever you get up to in your DIY quest! There are infinite variations but as long as there is water flowing from the tank and returning to the tank with plant roots touching water along the way you'll be in good shape.


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Jun 28, 2006
SF Bay area, CA
A water bear! Too cool! TY for the pics. Where's my/your loach tile or whatever pic? Actual fish are always good too!

I have a 4ft stuffed catfish that hung above a tank in a former house. But not here, as much as I'd like it. Husband has taken a dislike to it & has threatened to give it away!!! (he better not!) Really, it's just hard to hang over a going tank, we're old & klutzy...dual ladders & reaching across to attach hanging apparatus sounds dangerous...

Just a side note on things to fishsitter friend has green onions growing out of his tank! It's not just for pothos anymore! What is the large leaved plant? Not 1 I recognize, but not pothos, lol. If only I could grow basil all the time, I'd be in cooking heaven ;) Just a summer crop outdoors...

I'm going to catch up on your old other thread after my NFL game tomorrow...Go Eagles!