Betta Fish not going to the top

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Jun 4, 2021
My Betta fish that i just got isnt going to the top of the tank at all and i got it a few hours ago. Also when it is at the bottom its tail is floating higher than the rest of the body. And if anyone knows why my corys swim around crazily when i turn the lights on that would be great


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Feb 26, 2020
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Best to wait for 30 min after turning the room lights on before turning the tank lights on, fish don't have eyelids so the sudden light freaks them out. Same with turning tank off, but in reverse.

As for the betta, give him some time, he's probably really nervous in a new home. The floating can be a sign of a swim bladder problem, especially if he was a cup betta. So best course of action would be to fast him for a couple of days, and then offer either frozen bloodworms or frozen daphnia after those 3 days. No freeze dried though. In other words, no food for 3 days, to relieve any internal pressure on the swim bladder to see if it helps resolve the issue.

If not, you may have to resort to a more aggressive treatment, using salts, which aren't good for cories, if they share the same tank. You would have to treat the betta separately.

I do like adding Indian almond leaves though, as a natural health boost for various ailments for bettas and other soft water fish, the tannins are great for them and good for the cories too, if you can find those.

But I do have some questions that can help others with your situation...

1) what size is the tank?
2) is the tank cycled?
3) temperature?
4) tankmates?
5) how did you acclimate the fish?

And if you have photos too that'd be helpful as well.