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Betta male please he


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My betta male fish has been putting his mouth out of water and swimming around at a fast pace I’ll include some pictures I don’t know if it is dying or is just going through some type of sickness I have no idea about what he’s doing he’s been doing this for about 2 days I’ve never seen him do this before he always stays in that top left corner if you put your finger in front of him he will follow it and I think why he is always in that corner is because he can see light from the tank light reflecting on the wall i would love to know anyone’s suggestions on what is going on I just care for my fish an I don’t want him to pass so soonimage.jpg
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...and over the edge.
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What size container is that and what does it have for filtration? Tank parameters from a good liquid test kit?


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I'm just going to guess he's trying to build a bubble nest...in a very, very small tank (it looks tiny). How much is the volume of his "tank"? Is it cycled? Do you have test numbers & what are they? We need a lot more info to help you.