Birthday Fishing Trip

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Severum Mafia Don
Sep 5, 2005
I took the day off of work and went fishing at Bantam River here in CT. It was a fun day out on the water. I brought 3 rods with me today. My senko rod, a spinnerbait rod and a crankin' rod. I started off throwing the senko and caught a couple of small bass. I tried throwing my spinnerbait, a buzzbait and a frog but none of them produced anything for me (except a small 15" pickerel on the frog). I didn't end up throwing the crankbait because of all the weeds. I caught 5 shorts (one was only 1/4" short but still short) and 3 keepers. Here's some pics of the keepers...
16" - 1lb 14oz

16" - if you look at the water in the background you can see how hard the rain was coming down. Because of the rain I didn't weigh it but judging by the gut I'm sure it was over 2lbs


It was a great time and much better than working