black occ. clown

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Jun 15, 2006
Hookstown/Georgetown area pennsylvania
OK so back to whats up.....

i know I'm boring,........ but after the treatment,..
put clown and blennie back in dt, (display tank,)
where upon he swam around for a while and the next day flat on the sand again lost color and ? changed water in the treatment tank, from meds and put back in there and fine,..???

left there for 2 days,.. l blennie is fine in dt, and not breathing like before

put clown back in dt, and swam around for a while , normal arguing with his wifey, and then back in the sand,..??? pinkish color., on side,.??

every body else is fine,..

thinking hard,.. what the difference in tanks,. lr occasional red slime outbreak, with l blennie begs for food and i overfeed,.. trying to stop,..

skimmer is different, and normal additives,.. bingo,.. perhaps there is an od of reef additives,.. i have sea-chem reef complete for coralline and , plain calcium,.. and some iodide,..

i try not to use plain calcium for i read if not balanced it will work against me IE, magnesium,...
so just try to use complete,.. once and a while i use iodide,.. much less than stated on bottle for beginners,..

did water change on dt, before it was ready,. took 20gal out of 30g tank,.
had some salt still mixed from last change a few days ago and finished of with fresh 6-7 gal to top it off,..
i use reef crystals,..

question how soon after fresh water change do i need to add r, complete? i just add it when i see coralline going from purple to pinkish, if i don't it goes to white, so I'm guessing its running out of calcium,..

always worked before,. it would then go back to purple,.. after a while,..

or do i have to test every day non stop,..

can i get away with not adding additives? and just water change,. more ofter,..
i change water around 20g at least a week or week and half,. if i'm busy,..

perhaps the additives might be old? or something wrong with them?

i did buy some at pet smart that was discounted,.. i assume they were deleting it from shelves,.. or perhaps something was wrong with it?

so any ideas what going on with this @#$%%$#@#%$$&$##*$ clown???

he's fine again floating all around being yelled at by his wifey,..
their going thru some counseling lol,..

i really can't afford to water change just to keep up with calcium and stuff in reef complete,..

i know its hard to explain to guys but mom's don't have a lot of leisure time to test everyday,. i can't remember which household chores i started and always start something else and forget to finish the other,.. everyones wanting this and that,.. bla bla,..

any of you guys figure out, exactly what i really need to add,.. i realy just have a fwlr as of now,.. i had a frag of zoes but they closed up a days ago and wont open i thought it might be need of iodide,.. but never perked up
so i'm just trying to keep my coralline going,. sometimes it goes really good,. and then it pales out, i'm just adding the beginners amount of r.complete,. which is a cap and half for a 30 gal,.. 2x a week,.. i'm really not on a specific day just when i remember of it,.

so to sum it up
30g tank
2 black clowns
L blennie
snails and hermits,
and the anemone which is doing good not sick and eating 1/4 inch pieces of prawns every other day,..

feed ocean nutrition marine flakes
which i have too many lost with current before everyone get them but that is what snail/hermits/bristolsworms are for right?

side note i haven't seen the anemone do its poop thing,.. but i clean the husk off the prawn so it just gets the raw meat, so not much to excrete right,..

any ideas that i might be missing please respond,..


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Jun 15, 2006
Hookstown/Georgetown area pennsylvania
well. not that anyone read this last post but my poor black clow was found dead this morning,.. finally what ever strange thing was about that tank didn't agree with him, and now his torment is over,..:headshake2:


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Mar 28, 2009
Thank you so much for posting your before video and your QT video! I'm sorry your poor little clown didn't make it, but hopefully this thread will help others!