Blood Parrot Eggs

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Nov 30, 2002
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I noticed in my tank the other day that there were eggs laid in my Blood Parrot's dwelling. Her mate, I presume, is my Red Devil because he is the only one she lets near her and the eggs. Plus, there are only two other small cichlids in the tank. She is very protective and almost attacks the glass when I go to take a closer look. Being a novice, I am unsure what to do about the eggs. I would love for them to hatch, but I don't know what I should to do help the process. I was surprised to find the eggs at all as I wasn't trying to optimize the breeding process. Call it a fluke I guess. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate the feedback. Thanks for any responses.


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I have a feeling that parrot cichlids may be just a mutant form of red devil and that the stories about double and triple crossed species may be intended just as a way to derail any competitors trying to produce this fish, and in some circles to increase demand and price. The jury is out on that one, but I've culled fish from cichlid spawns that had deformed bodies, so it sounds possible to me. Inbreeding them to fix the deformity if it was genetic never occurred to me. If these eggs hatch and the fry look more like the father than the mother, maybe I'm right, but don't distribute them except as parrot crosses if you have to distribute them at all. It would take some expensive genetic testing to know what is really going on with parrots.