Blue Hippo Tang Not Swimming

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Mar 29, 2009
We just got a blue hippo tang 2 days ago and it was supposed to be a small one, but I think it is more on the tiny side (approximately 1 inch). Since we got her, she has hid in the live rock and she won't come out. She came out a couple times the first day, but has since hidden in the rock.

Is this normal for a new tang? Should we be concerned that she is sick?

Any input will be GREATLY appreciated!


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Feb 22, 2006
How was it acclimated?
Does it come out when you feed the other fish? (if there are other fish)
Do you have some nori / seaweed clipped in the tank for it to graze on if it happens to come out?
Can you see where it is hiding in the rockwork? If so, does it appear particularly stressed? (breathing heavy, colors washed out, etc. -- anything that doesn't seem to look right about it)

Tangs can be particularly sensitive, and some may look near death while in a bag or being transported. However, they tend to perk back up and be fine within a reasonably short period of time once they make it to the tank.