Blue spotted puffer questions

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Jamie chambers

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Jan 1, 2020
I have a couple of questions to ask. firstly, I recently bought a blue spotted puffer but instead of a spotty stomach it's white and the only spots are on his back. It's tail has orange stripes, is this a sex difference? His skin looks patchy only when he sleeps in the dark. Just want to know if this is normal, and, if not I could return him so he can get the treatment he deserves.

Second question is to do with inverts with the puffer. I have read mixed reviews about this fish, some saying he has only attacked one snail and others saying he's eventually killed them all. I have seen him go for my nassarius snails when they came out for food. they haven't come out since. I also have some Mexican snails and there shells are very big so would he go after them as well?

Third question is how much food should I feed the little guy? His belly seems to deflate from excreting shortly after feeding him a bunch of brine and mysis. I also have 2 yellowhead jawfish and 2 clowns. In terms of cube sizes would be nice.


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Dec 8, 2020
Do you have a picture? I kept my blue spot Toby with corals and a CUC without issues
I just fed mine as much as he could eat in 3 minutes or so once daily