Blue verses Fired

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May 6, 2007
I’ve had a blue damsel fish in my tank, living with two tomato clowns and a sergeant major for over a year now. I just added three fire damsels, the blue damsel has been constantly harassing them for the last two days since I introduced them.

These are the only fish in my tank which is 4’ x 12” x 14”, I was hoping that they would have been enough territory in the tank for them to co-exsist. I know damsel fish tend not to get along. The blue damsel fish is about 4” long and the fire damsels are only about 1” long. When feeding the fire damsels come out of hiding and feed quite happily, but once the foot starts to get eating up the blue damsel starts trying ‘ram’ them.

Will this sort itself out or should I return the fire damsels?