Breeding Clown Fish

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Feb 8, 2008
If i was a peppermint shrimp, i would eat anything i could put my "hands" on!

and that includes eggs of any size and color!

wouldn't you? :drool:

Ritchie from TheReefTank


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Dec 31, 2008
Due to the recent events of my coral banded shrimp (little ******!!!) :mad2 my tank is now a little more empty than it was before. It seems my coral banded decided on going on a killing spree. It killed my fire shrimp, my emerald crab, and my cleaner shrimp. It is now back at the lfs where I got it. Now I am down to 2 perc. clowns and 1 yellow tailed damsel, 3 hermit crabs, 2 starfish, and 2 snails. With there only being 1 other fish besides my percs do you think that if they mate the eggs would survive?
My coral brand shrimp is so docile i find this very strange.. I have hermits emerald crabs snails etc and he dosnt bother them at all.