Breeding Guppies: Fancy + Wild Guppy

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Jan 12, 2008
if you put fancy guppy and wild guppy together, will they breed? And if they do breed, what will their offspring be like? Is it gonna be 100% wild guppy, or there is gonna be a good chance they will become fancy guppy??


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Sep 21, 2006
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Fancy and wild guppies are similar. They will still interbreed. Even Endlers will interbreed with guppies but this is not advisable to maintain the pure strain of Endlers.
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Jan 1, 2008
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Fancy guppies were bred from wild guppies over the last 75 or so years. They are the same fish but if you like fancy guppies, keep them with fancy guppies. If you like wild guppies as I do, keep them with wild guppies. If you cross them you end up with guppies that are fancier than typical wild guppies but not as well defined in their characteristics as the fancy guppies. They are likely to be hardier than typical fancy guppies because they won't have been in bred as much.
For a breeder of fancy guppies, there might be a need to occasionally mix in some wild to improve the health of their fancy guppies but then they would spend the next several generations trying to re-establish the color and fin patterns that they were breeding to get. I don't know why a hobby fish keeper would mix the two but they will breed with each other.


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Dec 7, 2007
Fort Wayne, IN
mix away! breed all sorts and get like 10 10g setups. lol


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Jan 25, 2006
They will breed with each other. They will form the semi-fancy guppies (which I like to call them). There will be mixing of colours from the wild and the fancy guppies. For example, the ones that I have bred were mostly blue, but there were a bit of orange on the fins. Most of the stock died when the Female Albino Kribensis decided that she should have the whole tank as her territory...

Not recommended if you are planning on selling them, as it would be hard in tracking down which fish is which. Semi's seem to have almost the same colouration and would be difficult to distinguish from the fancies.

I would suggest getting only fancies or wild, but not both.

***OT: only have 2 F2 remain and they seem to be semi-fancies (after the breeding of semi-fancy x semi-fancy).***

According to another forum member, a fancy and a common breeding would result in a 100% semi-fancy offspring. Once you breed the semi-fancy offspring with each other (so F1 x F1), you will only get 25% fancies, 25% common and then 50% semi-fancies... It would be easy to differentiate the commons from the fancies and the semi-fancies, but it would be difficult to differentiate the fancies from the semi-fancies.

So, I would say that it will be better to breed fancies with fancies rather than breeding a fancy with a common since it would I guess take less time to get 100% fancy guppy babies as it would only take one live-birth from the female rather than three generations of breeding guppies (semi-fancy, fancy, common, hybrids).
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