chocolate cichlid!

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Feb 15, 2002
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chocolate cichlid

anyone know anything about these fish? I saw one at an LFS tonight and it was very inteligent and seemed like it would be a nice fish to have in a one fish only tank that I am thinking about doing. any info or sites with info would be appreciated
P.S. I am finding very conflicting info about the temperment of this fish. Any personal info about there temperment would be appreciated.
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This site might help you out...

My friend had a Chocolate Cichlid that was ten inches and use to combat his Red Devil. It almost died but bounced right back up and took over the tank. It died a few monthes later when the Red Devil locked jaws the fish and ripped off the mouth of the Chocolate Cichlid. But he bought a small one(2 inches) and it gets bullied around by a buttakoferi, midas, red devil and a jaguar.

That should help you some what.

But how much is it, how big, etc...?

Harry Tolen

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Aug 17, 2000
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Hypselacara temporalis is a large, fairly placid cichlid that needs a non-competitive environment within which to thrive. Celebrity death-matches with aggressive cichlids are not a good idea; however, in either a large community tank (where aggression is dispersed) or a single-species tank, they will do fine. Do not buy this fish if you expect it to come up to the glass and challenge you every time you walk by the tank (then again, even my Citrinellum doesn't do that), but do buy it if you want an interesting fish that is a little off the beaten path.


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Feb 6, 2002
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Bom dia,

If u want "one large cichlid to put into something like a 75 gallon that will live there by itself so I want it to have lots of personality and be somewhat aggresive", temporalis isn´the way, go with a devil.


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Aug 3, 2002
Charlotte, NC
i personally think a chocolate cichlid would be a great idea for a 75 gal. you dont hear about a lot of people owning these fish. since you are getting suck conflicting info about them, i think you should get one and find out what type of temperment they really have.

i can tell you from my experience... i have had one, and i loved it. it was way back when i thought i could get away with housing differnt cichlids together. and it (like the guy above said) was killed by my midas. it was by no means an agressive cichlid. though i would hold its ground.

i think they are wonderful fish. as soon as my LFS gets more in, i'm getting a couple. they come in many different color patterns and get an enormus hump on their head.

here are a few pictures