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Cichclids Fish

Dhruv Chhetri

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Hey Guys,
This is my first post here, needed some advice for the cichlids.
I usually have all the tropical fish but one of my buddies is moving out of town and is giving me all his fishes which are cichlids. All I know about cichlids is that they're aggressive and won't pair with the tropical fishes. But I have a 75-gallon tank free and thought I will have those Cichlids in it.
But the question is will they survive and live together in a 75 gallon tank?
Hers the list of fishes he's got:
2 Mara rocks
2 fuscos
1 strawberry
1 vc10
1 chili rhodesii
1 mix cichlid (nice fish)
6 Malawi Hawks
2 exochromis anagenys

Thank You


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Well, I think you should post in the African subforum of Cichlids here on AC. I can answer some newbie posts but yours is very specific in a way I have no idea how to answer. I think you'll get much better replies there. You can just cut & paste your post in a new topic there. Good luck!


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Your tank is too small for all those large Malawi Haps. You might be ok if the fish are all immature juveniles for awhile. But as they grow and mature there is going to be a bloodbath.

A 150 would be a better choice for that group.


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I'm not very versed in all those cichlids but I'd agree with N Narwhal72 . You need a tank twice the size for all those fish.