Clownfish mating video

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Oct 3, 2005
Here are the babies from the mating 10 days ago, one after the videos above. I knew they would hatch tonight so I turned off all my powerheads/return pump right before lights out and sure enough about 1 hour later they all popped. I threw in some rotifers, oyster eggs, and vita-chem into the water hoping one of those will feed them. Not really sure what to do, I need circulation in the tank for everything else.. air stone won't cut it past the night. If I turn on even my weakest pump it is too strong for the babies. My only real option is to try and catch them in a brine shrimp net and put them in my hospital tank with an air stone.



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Jul 9, 2008
Placing bucket on stool/stand (reducing gravity), I used gravel vacuum with tubing or just tubing to suck frys out, controlling flow/flow rate with thumb at discharge end inside the bucket (try not squash frys). It was close to impossible to maneuver net inside the reef/fowlr for me and better results with sucking frys out. Congrats and Good Luck!