Clownfish not eating

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Dec 31, 2008
State College, PA
Hey, I have 2 Ocellaris and one of them never seems to be eating at all (at least not that I see) I got my first about a week ago and the first day or two he ate but only a little and what was right in front of him. (now he moves around more though). My 2nd clown I got 2 days ago and he's a tiny bit bigger, Since I got him he has some filmy looking stuff on him and doesn't look as good as the other one. I hope he's not sick, and he doesn't seem to be eating much either. I have tried feeding him mysis shrimp and marnie flakes(which my other clown seems to love). BTW these 2 clowns came from the same place, and the 2nd one is a little bigger. Any idea why he's not eating? Also this morning I found him at the bottom of the tank, which the clowns are never there. But after turning the lights back on he seems back to normal, just not really eating.!?!??!?!?!?!



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Feb 14, 2007
Mobile, Alabama
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Any kind of film is a bad sign. How fast did it proceed and has it gotten any worse? It could mean the difference between a slower moving, easily treated bacterial infection or a full blown case of brooklynellosis, which kills very quickly. Any pics, extra observations, water parameters, etc. would help out.

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Jul 26, 2009
brooklynellosis, like Amphphrion said. I had a fish that I thought was sick with what i thought was brooklynella, but both of my fish ate. But, the day before he died, he didn't seem to eat at all. I had 2 of my fish die the day they finally "kicked the bucket"

go to that link and tell me if what happened was similar to what your experiencing. I am referring to the first paragraph mainly.