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Contemplating getting a Sunsun 702A canister filter


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One of 55 gallon aquariums has a Eheim 2215 on it, which works well enough, but it a bit of a PITA to clean. Never liked the whole quick disconnect valves inline and needing to suck on the hose to prime it.

My other 55 gallon has a Fluval 305 and that thing is disgustingly easy to clean. Pull the lever up, pull out the Aquastop and carry it over to the sink. Couldn't get any easier than that for a canister.

But the Fluval also comes with the Fluval price tag.

So I started looking at Sunsun filters. They're amazingly cheap and seem to have a quick disconnect system very similar to what the Fluval has. The 702A also seems to have a higher flow rate for the same amount of energy (15W).

I know there were some complains early on with the 30x series, which slowly got resolved. I saw a lot of praise for the 40x series, which seemed to step it up a notch when it came to build quality.

The 70x series seem to have thicker plastic on the outside, which kind of makes me feel better, since I have seem some YouTube rants about the 30x series getting sidewall cracks that leaked.