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Nov 8, 2006
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.....choose the specific anemone you have? Is it based on color? size?

Did you have the anemone in the tank before or after adding clownfish?

After adding an anemone to a tank, what has been, roughly, the time scale for this to hosted by fish?

Do you feel an anemone is an important part of a reef tank? Is one needed when a tank houses clownfish?

Why do you feel zooanthelle is important to an anemone?


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Oct 3, 2005
From past experience, not current.

Chose Condylactus anemone due to its hardiness and ability to survive in less than ideal lighting.

Maroon clown was in tank first, about 3 months prior.

1 hour to host.

No, not important, but something most people want when first getting into the "reef" side of SW tanks. No, anemone is definately not needed if you have clownfish.

Zooanthelle is important for all photosynthetic saltwater species. It is what converts light into usable sugars that the coral can obsorb and use for food, in return, the coral provides a host and protection from things like UV light that may kill off zooanthelle.


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Mar 21, 2009
I bought two anemones of the same kind as an addition to an established tank
of 18 months. My tomato clown, Campbell took to one in about a weeks time.
Unfortunately he choose the one who had made an awkward attachment at the
bottom of a coral (hard to feed). This anemone died within weeks. The other
anemone is still living and well, its been 14 months. Campbell didn't interact with
the second anemone for 3 months. I found this incredulous. The only explanation
I can fathom is that this fish mourned the loss of the first anemone. I bought
a second anemone last week, its a different kind. Its a bubble, purple tip anemone
and its located itself too close to my first anemone who is under a live rock
threshold of cave position. The second one is intimidating my established one.
Aw great thinking on my part. Will watch what happens next.