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DIY CO2 question


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I determined a bad check valve on my old CO2 setup. I got all new materials and replaced everything.

Last night the CO2 was cranking out on my new setup. Just this morning it isn't doing hardly anything.

What did I do wrong, maybe too hot of water in the 2 liter to activate the yeast?


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Possibly, but the truth is that DIY seldom performs consistently. There are too many variables that can't be readily controlled.
There are many variables.

I think when I did yeast based CO2, I never worried about the temperature of the water to activate the yeast, it generally activated as the water heated to room temperature anyways, it just took a while.

what is the temperature of the yeast mixture? I know if too low, it will stop working, which could explain why output was high, but has now stopped/slowed.