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DIY filter for axolotls?


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My sister got another axolotl who will be sharing the tank with her one she already has once she gets a little bit bigger (separated for now). Right now her current axy is in a 20 gal long but will be upgraded to a 30 or 40 gallon sometime in the near future, probably before the new girl is ready to be in the same tank as her. But right now there’s only a sponge filter on it which i don’t is going to cut it with 2 axolotls.

I wanted to know what others might do for this situation. I was thinking of making my own canister type filter for it but i would like some advice on this. It needs to be something that produces very little flow for them, a normal HOB didn't work out well at first and stressed out the axy until we switched it out.

Knowing how to make my own filter would be very useful for future tanks too since all the ones on the market are so expensive haha.