DIY Food Recipe By mostlycichlids

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Apr 27, 2006
New Mexico USA
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DIY Fish Food Recipe

This was my first experiment with the recipe! I did not do pics because I didn't know how it was going to turn out. The next time I do this recipe (and I will definitely do it again) I will post step by step pics, here we go.

What you will need:
1. A good blender or better a food processor.
2. About 12-15 Ice cube trays
3. A box of plastic zip lock baggies sandwich bag size (I used Quart size food saver bags)
4. Optional: Food saver vacuum sealer.
5. Paper towels
6. Rubber gloves
7. Strainer, two large bowls, one small bowl, one large pot.

Now I will mention that this recipe will be a lot of food. I got about 30 sandwich size bags full. If you don’t have a lot of fish to feed you can reduce the amount of things accordingly.

2 lbs Whole shrimp
8 oz (1/2 lb) Salmon
1 lb Frozen peas
1 lb Frozen Spinach
1 Small bag of mini carrots (you will only need about a handful)
1 Medium Zucchini
1/4 Cup Spirulina powder (you can find this at health food stores)
6 Centrum Vitamins (I used the generic...much cheaper)
120 gr Unsweetened Gelatin powder (about 4 boxes)

The Process:
First steam your carrots and zucchini until they are soft but not mushy. While you are doing this, defrost your shrimp in lukewarm water. At this time you should also be defrosting the spinach and peas. I had better results by leaving the peas slightly frozen as they will not grind up as well when they are mushy.

After your veggies are done steaming, remove them from heat and strain all the water out, set aside. Place the vitamins in water so they are totally dissolved. Next remove the tail off the shrimp, rinse them and set aside. Next you want to get your salmon ready, I diced mine. Then take and add everything together (veggies, peas, shrimp, and salmon). Finally, add the vitamins to the mix last don’t worry about if there is a little bit of water in the mix.

Now you are ready to start grinding everything up. I ground mine to a mush. When you are done with that step it is time to start boiling your gelatin. The directions on the box say mix 3 cups hot water to one cup cold. I used 4 cups of water for each box and boiled it all. Bring water to boil add your packets of gelatin to the water slowly stirring it in completely. Make sure to boil gelatin down completely, about 5-10 minutes, ensuring there are no lumps.

Next combine the gelatin with the mush food mix. Turn the gelatin to low to medium heat and add the mush mixture to gelatin slowly. Mix in well stirring for about 2-3 min. Now it is time to scoop the mixture to the ice cube trays.

I used a measuring cup for this step. Fill all the ice cube trays with your food. If you don’t have enough ice cube trays find some Tupperware (I didn't have enough trays). I did modify the recipe so 15 should be enough.

After the mix is placed in the trays, place it in the refrigerator (I did mine for almost 15 hours) until completely set up. When your food is set up it is ready to be removed and bagged up. You can bag it in any portion you want. I did about 9 cubes per bag that way it would last 3-4 servings before opening a new bag.

I used a vacuum food sealer which I think will work out better, but zip locks will also work just fine. You will be very happy.

If you would like to do a more Carnivorous diet you can replace modify as follows.

1 lbs Whole shrimp
1 lbs Beef heart (trim any fat off)
1 Whole packet apprx. 8-10 oz Cyclopeeze (you can find this in your frozen food section at the LFS)
8 oz Salmon
3 Medium Zucchini
1 lb Mini carrots
8 Centrum Vitamins (I used the generic...much cheaper)
120 gr Unsweetened Gelatin powder (about 4 boxes)

I have been feeding all my fish the new food for a couple weeks now. They don't get it at every meal, but when I do feed it the fish tear it up like no tomorrow. Even my carnivores love it. I am sure that even the pickiest fish will love it.
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