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Do Seachem Flourish tabs expire?

Hi all,

Just wondering if Seachem Flourish tabs expire? I have a few bags that are probably somewhere between 3-5 years old that I never opened. I haven't had a planted tank in quite some time, so I never got around to using them after purchase. I've had them stored with a million other fish/tank related stuff and they have been moved from a basement to an outdoor plastic storage container over time (like a small storage unit set up with a tarp over it's lid).

Does exposure to the cold temps in the winter, warm temps in the summer while out in storage effect them? And, does the age matter? My guess is that they're fine and everything I've found online seems to indicate that but I'm not 100% certain so thought I would check with the plant community for fresh info.



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You could always go to the "contact" link at www.seachem.com and ask. I've contacted them in the past. Good people there.


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I'm guessing they'll be OK to use. But there may be some "breakdown" of some components, I wouldn't sweat it, nor would I expect "good as new". You need to test!...& then decide if that's right for you & your tank needs.


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Most of the nutrients needed by plants other than nitrogen aren't going to break down over time (iron, manganese, magnesium, calcium, potassium, etc). The binding agent might break down if they were exposed to humidity, making them crumbly, but they'll still help the plants.