Do you go fishing?

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Jul 8, 2011
Not badmouthing some of you here but like someone said, unless you are vegan, live in a 100% eco friendly house and peddle your bicycle to school or work don't feel superior. Fish are a lower order of animals. They have limited capacity to feel and do not "think" as we do. Although they struggle when caught they do not feel pain as we feel it. If you eat fish sticks, hamburger or any meat at all please don't respond saying fishing is cruel. In that train of thought so is capturing fish in the wild, moving them thousands of miles to live out their life in a small fish tank for the remainder of their life.

Personally I love to fish. Went today. 5 of us caught 24 trout and 2 sauger. We cleaned them and will enjoy them later this week. I was taught from an early age where my food comes from and have no qualms about it. I do not eat store bought hamburger and rarely eat wild fish out. Because I have worked in both commercial fishing operations and slaughter houses and know what happens in the real world. If you want to do something you can feel good about stop eating shrimp. Commercial shrimping destroys many more non-target animals than shrimp.

fishnfvr, where are you catching the sturgeon? I would love to catch one. The closest we can get is snagging paddlefish although we do eat them...
+1000 theres a reason why fish bare 1million plus young per couple. AND HOLY FREAKIN WHITE STURGEON!!!!!


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Aug 15, 2011
I go fishing once a month, it’s one of my favorite hobbies too. These types of things are entertainment and thinking in your way is not so suitable for these kinds of sports.