Dwarf cichlid indecision! Recommendations?

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Lady JinglyJones

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Sep 30, 2015
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Which are your favourite SA dwarf cichlids? Which have the best personalities, make you laugh, or are the funnest to watch?

I'm trying to set up an aquarium with stocking in mind, and apistos, microgeophagus, and crenicara are all under consideration. I want to choose one species, and plan around its needs. I'd like to keep a number of bottom feeders in the tank - a herd of corrys, a smallish pleco. I'm addicted to corrys. (Unfortunately, I disproportionately like fish that hang out near the bottom, so feel free to mention fish that work well with your fav. species because they utilize different portions of the tank - I always end up with bottom heavy stock lists if left to my own devices.)

Bear in mind that I'm doing a 75 gallon, probably.

Cichlid-wise, I've only kept M. ramirezi in the past, and did poorly because I didn't know enough & thought my crap water conditions were okay. But I loved those fish - they were so dang charismatic.

Now I'm considering an attempt at something different - maybe there's another kind of DC I'd like better (something just as charming, but less likely to bully the corrys when it's bored... who knows?) I'm less about looks, more in search of charm.

Thanks for any help!
(Also, I just picked up the book, S.A. Dwarf Cichlids, by Mayland and Bork to lay hands on facts about a wide variety of species... I'll look up further details on anything suggested! :) )


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Dec 30, 2005
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