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Easy Live Plants for Sand Substrate


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I have had plastic plants and rocks in my tank for the past couple years but I am ready to try some live plants. I am trying to figure out some low maintence and easy to care for live plants for my 55g. I do not want it to be over run or anything just some different plants that will grow and thrive easily in a tropical setting without much besides things like ferts. Maybe some grass carpet like substances. Just want to be able to give some fish some places to hide and I am also not sure if it makes a difference if I have gravel or sand but I do have sand.


I can say that it sounds like you're not really interested in a carpet (grass-like) plant, because all of my research on those seems to indicate they require pretty high light and pressurized CO2 injection. I tried micro swords, and they won't stay planted (darn BN) but I don't think they'd be something to use as a carpet. There are a *lot* of plant options out there, and I'd recommend taking a look at some of the websites like Aquatic Arts or... I'm drawing a blank on the others I've looked at, to get an idea of what you'd like. I would also recommend staying away from AZ Aquatic Gardens, despite how awesome the pictures look.
Marsilia Minuta/Dwarf 4-leaf Clover will carpet and not need much light nor supplemental CO2.

But depending what substrate you have in there, I'd look at different crypt species, or aquatic ferns, bucephelandra or that sort of thing.


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Java ferns, anubias & bucephalandra (in various forms) are best attached to wood or rocks.

I grow several cryptocorynes species (I love them!) in sand, but they need a root tab...as the do sword plants, but many swords will grow too big for your tank. Vallisneria & sagatirius (SP?) need some root tab help in sand too.