false perculas help

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Mar 8, 2009
ok its me again sorry with all the questions

is it normal for my clowns to sort of sleep at night when the lights are out its really weird they move to the back corner and stay there slowly and i mean s l o w l y
when i get up to turn on lights and take care of the other beasts in my house they what i call wake up and are swimming all over now this morning i noticed they still in corner come out to just eat and go right back seems as if they are cleaning the corner and the rock in it to the point where its gonna have dead spots are my clowns just being crazy not getting fed enuf i myself think they are just being lazy bums and waiting for more food but seems they dont leave eachothers side so thats a good sign i think


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Jun 9, 2006
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Totally normal.
Clowns will usually go to the same spot every night. Mine sleeps on the surface under the skimmer outlet and doesn't move until morning. Most species of fish will have a set sleeping spot in the tank, changed behaviour and even be a different colour at night.

They are probably treating the corner like its their anemone, they are being hosted by an area of the tank instead of being hosted by an anemone. Its normal clown behaviour. The cleaning is also a sign of hosting behaviour, clowns do it to clean a spot where they may put their eggs.

If they look healthy, are active and have rounded bellies (not sunken or thin) then they are getting enough to eat.

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Sep 29, 2004
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We have 2 pairs of ocellaris...one pair has an anemone, and one doesn't. The pair in the anemone almost 'wrap' themselves up in it at night and sleep. The other pair tend to sleep up near the top of the tank or by some large mushrooms.


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Mar 28, 2009
I know many people say tank raised clowns will not host, but I don't believe it. My clowns started exhibiting that same sort of behavior shortly after I introduced them into the tank. They chose the corner next to the heater. Then after a few days I noticed that they would bump into its rubbery suction cup serveral times in a row with their sides. Yup, they started hosting a suction cup... Nothing wrong with them at all, though if they start feeding it I'm going to be laughing.