Feeding female betta in community tank

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Jun 18, 2019
At the suggestion of my local pet store I introduced a female betta to my community tank with a platy, swordtail, Molly, cory, african frog and snail. I had been feeding tropical fish food, plus a cory wafer and a small bit of algae wafer for the bottom dwellers. I'm wondering how to nest keep everyone fed and am mildly frustrated with myself for once again listening to pet stores as falling in love with pretty fish (she's a purple crown tail betta girl!)

I've read that betta food isn't good as the only food for the other tropical fish who need veggies in their diet. I've also read that bettas fed only on tropical fish food can get bloat issues from all the plant fiber in tropical fish food. And naturally in a community tank I can't control who eats what. Petco in their infinite wisdom said just feed them all tropical food.

Does anyone else keep female bettas in a community tank? What do you feed?


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Jan 11, 2013
West Falls NY
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I've kept sororities of 4-6 in my planted community 55g. Like you say, trying to feed them a specific food is about impossible. For me the bettas would eat everything dropped into the tank and I lost many to bloat. If I ever do a betta sorority again, it will be just them in the tank.

I've since learned more in terms of what foods to buy. Always read the ingredients. If the first 3 ingredients are grains and fillers, avoid that food. The first 3+ should be whole protein or plant products.


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Aug 14, 2001
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What are your long term tank plans?

I ask because right now it sounds like you have 1 of everything...and most of those are fish that really want and do best in a group. Or...like the frog, don't do well at all in a community setup. Might be worth considering setting up 2, maybe three tanks--one with groups of the livebearers, one for the betta, and one for the frog. The betta and frog will be fine in anything between a 5 and a 10, but keep in mind that smaller tanks need more maintenance because they have less volume to dilute pollutants.