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Fiddler crabs--how about this tank?


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Petsmart is offering this tank, with cover, and I'm on a budget. I want to get a couple of Fiddler crabs. I already have the sand and gravel, hides, a 50 wt. heater and the smallest Whisper in tank filter. Also, a piece of driftwood and a couple of rocks. My house is kept in the low 60s in wintertime at night, so what kind of heating would I need for the sand and out-of-water areas? As you can see, the lid doesn't come with lights. What wattage? It says it takes incandescent.



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Probably a 15 watt bulb, depending on space spiral CFL may fit if not the zoomed style cfl should fit.

Being you'll need half water half land the biggest pain will be enough space/water depth for the filter, one of those cheap mini canisters might be best for the job. 60's might be warm enough for them on land.