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First Brook Trout of 2011


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Anybody else addicted to trout fishin? I only had 1 worm I dug up,split em in half and caught this pretty lil guy on 2nd cast. Not big enough to eat yet. Mountain fed brook is freezin all year round, less than 100ft from my window. I listen to the brook all summer and chill by the cool waters. awesome crays too.

First brook trout of 2011 004.jpg First brook trout of 2011 001.jpg First brook trout of 2011 003.jpg First brook trout of 2011 002.jpg


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Mmmmm, tasty!


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I'd rather catch one of those little fellas than a stringer full of stocked Rainbows and Browns.


Stroke Survivor '05
A couple dozen of those fingerlings might make a tasty meal. Haven't gone out yet as it seems like too many things taking priority. I hope to get out soon before the water is too warm and they head for deeper waters.


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Who says that ain't eatin size? Of course I have no idea what your legal limits and such are for those out east. Here in CO, Wildlife and Parks practially begs you to catch them to allow more native cutthroat.

Nothing, and I mean nothing tastes better than a pan full of fingerling brookies pulled out of the stream an hour before. Quick dreg through some flour, some hot oil and a dash of onion salt..mmmmmmmmmmmm.