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For Sale | fish tanks | $200 | canada | Shipping Only

Discussion in 'AC Marketplace : Buy and Sell' started by njiewie, Feb 13, 2017.

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  1. njiewie

    njiewie Registered Member

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    Feb 13, 2017
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    Feb 13, 2017
    What type of listing is this?:
    For Sale
    What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?:
    fish tanks
    What are your prices?:
    Where are you located?:
    Pickup or Able to Ship?:
    Shipping Only
    best quality beautiful aquatic aquarium supplies For more information contact Email:aiwcenterS@gmail.com Simple aquatic aquarium for a good nice , simple and modern home . enjoy the gift of a natural marine world right at your home with your love ones , enjoy the beauty of the ecosystem , the miracle of God that is under the sea right at your home . the new england aquarium is a global leader in ocean exploration and marine conservation . the aquarium is one of the premier visitor attractions in our homes and business places , with 40 living displays , small and Giant aquarium attraction other sea creatures . we are non profit makers and is a family built aquarium sponsored by more than 10 touristic corperation societies world wide . so if you love this our natural work of ecology and home marine science and wish to have this beautiful aquarium in your house , contact us with your information and intentions so that we can give you full directives on how to get it and take good care of it . thanks For more information contact Email:aiwcenterS@gmail.com simple aquatic aquarium for a modern home contians life plants like :AMAZON SWORDS,BANANA PLANT,APONOGETON ULVACEUS,ANACHARIS,POGOSTEMON STELLATUS, AUSTRIAN HYGRO,ANUBIAS AFEZLII,BACOPA CAROLINIANA,HORNWORT CARE SHEET,ROTALA ROTUNDIFOLIA,LUDWIGIA REPENS - RED LUDWIGIA OR BROAD LEAF LUDWIGIA, also tropical fish like:SILVER AROWANA - OSTEOGLOSSUM BICIRRHOSUM,BALA SHARK, SILVER SHARK - BALANTIOCHEILOS MELANOPTERUS,CHERRY BARB - PUNTIUS TITTEYA,Glofish,GOLD BARB - PUNTIUS SACHSII,gold fish,HARLEQUIN RASBORA - TRIGONOSTIGMA HETEROMORPHA,ODESSA BARB - PUNTIUS SP. ROSY BARB - BARBUS CONCHONIUS,ZEBRA DANIO - DANIO RERIO,BETTA FISH - BETTA SPLENDENS,ENDLERS LIVEBEARER - POECILIA WINGEI involve also life turtle,tortoise,octopus,crab NEW hoods/glass tops still available: 35 hex blk 10 hex oak 20 hex blk & oak 46 bow front blk 36 corner glass top 36"x18" (40g breeder) glass top 24" heavy duty glass tops All 50% off Used Tanks still available:supply all over AFRICA,ASIA EUROPE ,AMERICAN AND MOST OF AUSTRIALIAN COUNTRIES USA, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Finland, France,Egypt,Philippine,Australia,Argentina,Peru,Cyprus,Malaysia,Thailand,India,Germany, Israel, Mexico, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom,Island,Guatemala.Japan,Luxembourg.Malta,Moldova,Republic,Norway,Andorra,Antigua and Barbuda,Armenia,Aruba,Belize,Chile,Dominica,Falkland . Dubai(the emirates) and many more Countries.. an inquiry for supply send an email : contact email:aiwcenterS@gmail.com 5'x 2'x 2' tank $300 125 gallon tank $150 33 gallon long $60 (2) 33g longs + (1) 75g + rack $250 (2) 75g + wooden rack $200
    Shipping method:
    US Postal
    I have read and agree to the Buy and Sell rules.

    aq6 - Copy.jpg
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