Ghost shrimp? ID help please

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Jul 16, 2019
So yesterday I adopted 6 shrimp. Before getting them I was told they were ghost shrimp. They all seem very happy and healthy in the new tank. They are cleaning, swimming, and just being shrimp. However, the more time I spend with them the more I realized they don’t seem to have the coloration of a ghost shrimp. I know that some can have red bands around their antennas and legs but my guys have a tint of orange/red/yellow that runs The Who top of their body, no bands anywhere, it a solid coloration. However, the rest of body is clear. I have others that are a dark grey color. Smaller in size, yet still transparent, just really dark. Can some one please look at the pics and tell me what I have in my tank. Thank you everyone. Sorry, the photo does not show the reddish color all that well but it was the best in could get.