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glowlight tetras


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:huh:how long does it take for female glowlight tetras to spawn, 3male 3 female, had them for about 1year now.... "im new @ this"

10g heated, water ph, amonia and so,,,,, on all good levels


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Have you been feeding live foods? I've found that live foods and great water quality are the best way to cajole fish into spawning no matter what the species.


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If you have had them for a year they have probably spawned already. if you dont have a tank set up special for spawning, i am afraid the eggs will get eaten, maybe this is why you have not seen any fry.


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Also, the eggs and fry are TINY. The adults will happily eat their own eggs and fry.


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At a year old you should be able to spawn them under the right conditions. Things like conditioning with live foods, water quality/chemistry, & keeping your Tetras in a species tank (a tank with only glolight tetras in it, or maybe glolight tetras & some other docile fish e.g. otocats, cories) would contribute to success considerably.

There are a couple of threads started by another user (LiquidPyro) on here that is trying to get his glolights to spawn too. http://www.aquariacentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=239343 AND http://www.aquariacentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=241660 I suggest you browse them as you'll get some valuable info off of them.

I myself am attempting to get neon tetras to spawn, which is a similar process http://www.aquariacentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=242676

Good luck & if you have some success please do share your experience.


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thank's guy's for youre help! good Ph Levels to me are in the rage of 6.0 to 6.4...............
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Ayush Maharjan

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you need to watch them carefully since they eat their eggs once they lay them. if your fish is 1 year them it should have bred


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Fish will spawn naturally if conditions are right. They will NEVER spawn if conditions are not right.

Needs lots of food, live is best. Large WC and often.