Good LED Coral lighting for 125 Gallon Aquarium Help?

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Feb 25, 2009
Big Lake, MN
I just purchased a 125 gallon Saltwater tank with lots of live rock and mushroom corals and the lighting thats currently on the tank is just a 48 inch light in the very center of the tank and the mushrooms are doing great and the total lumen output is 3340 Lumens. Is this light going to be enough for Clams to be towards the bottom of the tank on the sand bed and I also plan to add a bubble tip anemone to the tank. Should I look at maybe adding a few more LED light strips to the tank or look at another type of lighting? I really like the LED lights because they have a low energy cost. Is there a brighter LED option out there for my 125 gallon that will allow me to keep clams and an anomone?

Thanks for your time.