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Hand fishing reel


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I found this interesting reel. http://eartheasy.com/green-home/travel/flipreel#ig-lb-container It seems quite convenient to carry on a hike or to an area far from a vehicle or just for simplicity. I'm thinking of testing one out. It does have a 17lb limit but I'm happy to catch 5-10lb fish. I have a favorite bluegill hole I fish the most through spawning season. I now live next to a fishery that stocks trout and there is a stream coming from an underground spring that stays cool year round so they stock trout in that. Never caught one before. Hiking a trail near a stream that leads to the fishery I think I saw some madtoms. I couldn't get a license this year so I've just been scouting. First week of Jan that will change.


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I'm going to try and hand line a northern pike come ice melt. However there are more basic hand reels on amazon for around $7 so I was planning on just buying one of those.