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have you ever used some fish finder in the fishing


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Hey, guys, have you ever used some fish finder in the fresh water fishing? As you know, the weather is so cold, I want to spend little time , and get the good fishing harvest.Do you have good introduction about the fish finder for the fishing? Thanks


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Never used one and I only fish from shore. I target different species based on the season so I don't need to chase them down in a boat with a fish finder. I try to know where they will go and when. I just moved so I have established a bass location, catfish location, and now that those dropped off because the water warmed enough to stay deep and spawn I am checking for sunfish spawning areas. I pulled in 2 bluegill in 20mins at one place I stopped. That's not impressive but they aren't fully spawning yet. It will pick up until we are spending more time getting them off the hook than putting the bait in the water.

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My dad used a Loran for saltwater, but trolling always worked better for albacore. He had a usual spot for cow cod - back when it was legal to catch them - so a fish finder wasn't necessary. I think he used it a few times at Lake Powell, but in my opinion, it was a piece of crap.

I fish from shore now too, but haven't gone in a while. I moved to a new town a couple years ago and am still looking for a good fishing hole and a local fishing buddy.