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Help me ID my fish

Hi all,

I’ve had this fish for about three or four years and I used to know it’s scientific and common name but it’s been a few years since I thought about it and I completely and totally cannot recall what it is when I thought about it recently.

I remember that the species comes from South America, I believe in the region of Peru and I know there’s a closely related species. Overall it’s sort of a rare fish and not very common in the hobby from what I remember and I certainly have never seen another anywhere online or at a specialty lfs.

It’s driving me nuts that I forgot the species name. Anyone know what it is?


I could be wrong, but it kind of looks like one of these:

  1. Mesoheros ornatus (https://www.fishbase.in/summary/47064)
  2. Cribroheros bussingi (https://www.fishbase.in/summary/57877)
Not sure of the common names, though.
Yes! I recognized the ‘ornatus’ part of the name and looked it up. I knew there were two very similar species and that helped me remember and sort it out. Mesoheros Ornatus and Mesoheros Ornatum or Gephyrus.

Now after looking at pics and reading up, I recall that mine was the Ornatum. Looks just like the profile pics I found too. The other species is a little more colorful.

This was great - thanks for your help!!!
Why thank you! In the posts above we were able to ID this guy - I had entirely forgotten the name after so many years because it's such a rare fish around here!!!