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Help! Something is wrong with my Gourami


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I have a beautiful Male dwarf guorami, he has been super healthy up to this point. Today I realized he was sitting at the bottom of the tank, (which is where he prefers to sleep most of the time), but I noticed he would start sinking after he made his way to the top for air. He looks more pale, and did not eat today. I change his tank regularly and just did a 50% change. Ammonia levels are fine, as I've never had an issue with them and there are no signs of ich. Hes partnered with a small female guppy (they always get along, despite small annoyances, but they never nip at each other). What can I do? Any advice on what might be causing this sort of behavior? I'm really worried.


...and over the edge.
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We need a full set of results from a good liquid test kit. What size tank and how long has it been established?


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I woke up and found him dead this morning. Whatever got to him, only took 24 hours to take over. After doing some research and more testing, i figured it was Iridovirus. Totally stumped, as i initially treated him for swim bladder (he had all the symptoms, except bloating).