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How often do you change your water?

What % & frequency do you Chang your water? (Multiple tanks select for each)

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Usually 20-30% once a week.


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Once a week, to be consistent and to mitigate stresses created by less frequent larger water changes.
Amounts vary from 10% in my shrimp/micro-fish tank to 40% for my planted CO2 injected tank.


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Maybe the question was a bit vague. Often, the WC routine is based on stocking, feeding and how well planted.


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I live in a chronic drought area now so I do less than an optimum 50%+weekly WCs...But all my tanks are at least medium or more planted with low fish stocking. I'm a rare tester, but when I do, I never see more than 5ppm nitrate at most. I know that's not the entire tank picture as Bob alluded to, there's a major "squish factor"...but some of that comes with experience...When in any doubt, change more water more often! That's my mantra & has been for almost 30 years. It works!
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