How often to feed guppy fry?

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Nov 7, 2020
Is this a special breeding project or rare, valuable guppies? If not I wouldn't go overboard. In a healthy, aged tank, they'll do well with very little food added to the tank. If you're going to feed multiple times per day, you'll need to do multiple water changes per week.

Nothing against the guppies, but the little buggers are like parasites! Once you've got them, you'll have more than you want. I started with 5 and have probably given away 100s from those original 5 and I do no special feeding for guppy fry other than my standard 5 feedings per week.
They're not extremely rare or expensive guppies like purple moscows, i've been told they are endler santa maria bleeding heart guppies
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Oct 30, 2020
Las Vegas, NV
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I feed all my guppies / endlers 3-6 times a day only what they will devour within 30 seconds as well as having natural food resources within the aquarium. All my aquariums are colony aquariums with fry inside. The fry seem to find food regardless - they dont need much but the most important thing is to be feeding the colony well enough that the thought of cannibalism never crossed their mind.
How to feed guppies