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i.d please help


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id white thing 1.jpg id white thing 2.jpg the white thing next to my tongs. i m wondering what it is. it's almost like a slug or a snail when i grab it with the tongs it seemed a little hard. any help would be great thank you. just wanna know if it's good for my system or a nusince. thank you for the help


Josh Holloway--Be mine!!!
Looks like a sponge. If it is, it will be very hard.


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i got a decorator crab awhile back and got alot of hitch hikers i think even a very small baby chocolate chip star fish or maybe one of the miget kind of that speices which are both bad for a reef tank i know that. i gotta find the little sucker. would it be beneficial if i stuck it in my fuge rather than dispose of it?