I think my Goldy Fantail is Paralysed?

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Tim Leeding

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Original poster
Jan 2, 2013
Hey Ladies and Gents,

So, I have a tank that's approximately 30 litres, with one Gold Fantail who I've had for 3 years, a dappled Fantail which I've had for 2 and a little neon which I've had for about the same.

They've always been pretty low maintenance tbh, I have a small filter and aerator combined which keeps the tank fresh. Sorry I can't be more specific at the moment but I'm sat at work worrying about my poorly fish.

So I've just returned from visiting family over Christmas, so I had to leave my fish for 10 days to fend for themselves. Dropped in a feeding block, which has worked fine before...

Upon my return however, I found my favourite little man, the 3 yr Gold Fantail tucked in between a decorative plant and the side of the tank, unresponsive. Now, he's still breathing (just) and blinking, so still got something about him, but wont or can't move any of his fins. He's just floating with the movement of the water... On first impression it appears he's paralysed, blinking and breathing but unable to move. It's a horrible thing to think that he might be in pain. His body's kind of half cocked to one side also.

The other fish are fine, happily mooching about.

So just looking for any advice on how I can attempt to help...

I've taken him out the main tank and put him in some fresh water in the largest container I could find (approx 12 litres) to see if that helps and popped a bit of food in. I even tried helping him to get to the food but that just panicked him I think. He's had a few bouyancy issues before, usually after feeding, but that always cleared up after a few hours or a few peas if it persisted.

I guess I should probably face the fact that I'll have to put him out his misery from reading around the subject a bit, but any advice would be appreciated...

Thanks in advance, Tim.