Ich on Blue Tang after Quarantine

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Jan 2, 2005
Memphis, Tn
Please get that Hippo and all other fish in QT as soon as possible and treat with hyposalinity. Myself, Morel and I think one more person has lost their Hippo's in just the past few days. I didn't act soon enough. The Hippo does have ICH and once the cysts can be seen on the body, it's pretty progressed. Those few you can see will mature, drop off and a few hundred will hatch and come back.

You either had ich in the tank before or it came in with the Hippo. Either way, your tank has it now. Even if the Hippo stays calm and fights it off as well as your other fish, the ich will still be there forever until you QT all fish in Hypo and leave your display empty for at least 6 weeks.

I resisted the fact that QT is a must and when I noticed my Hippo had ICH, I waited too long and lost him.

Also, QT'ing for observation is a waste of time. Assume every fish you get has ich and treat with Hypo. Also QT any LR, inverts, macroalgae, etc. etc. for six weeks at normal SG level.
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