Illegal Fish Thread

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Jun 3, 2012
Hutto, Texas
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TEXAS -- Surprisingly, this conservative state, not known for rampant environmentalism, has quite possibly the most extensive list of prohibited FW species I've ever seen, makes California's regulations seem laissez-faire in comparison.

Lampreys, Family Petromyzontidae
All species except Chestnut Lamprey, Ichthyomyzon castaneus and Southern Brook Lamprey, I. gagei

Freshwater Stingrays, Family Potamotrygonidae
All species

Arapaima, Family Osteoglossidae
Arapaima gigas

Dourados, Family Characidae, Subfamily Bryconinae
All species of genus Salminus

Rhaphiodontid Characoids, Family Characidae, Subfamily Rhaphiodontinae
All species of genera Hydrolycus and Rhaphiodon (synonymous with Cynodon)

South American Pike Characoids, Families Characidae and Ctenolucidae
All species of genera Acestrorhynchus, Ctenolucius (Boulengerella) and Luciocharax (Hydrocinus)

African Pike Characoids, Families Hepsetidae and Ichthyboridae
All species

South American Tiger Fishes, Family Erythrinidae
All species

African Tiger Fishes, Family Alestidae, Subfamily Hydrocyninae
All species

Piranhas and Pirambebas, Family Serrasalmidae, Subfamily Serrasalminae
All species

Freshwater Eels, Family Anguilliidae
All species except American Eel, Anguilla rostrata

Swamp Eels, Rice Eels or One-Gilled Eel, Family Synbranchidae
All species

Electric Eel, Family Electrophoridae
Electrophorus electricus

Carps, Family Cyprinidae
All species and hybrids of species of genera Ctenopharyngodon (Grass Carp), Mylopharyngodon (Black Carp), Aristichthys (Bighead Carp), Hypophthalmichthys (Silver Carp), Cirrhina (Mud Carp and relatives) and Thynnichthys (Sandhkol and other Thynnichthyid Carp)

Rudd and Roach, Family Cyprinidae
All species of genera Scardinius and Rutilus

Old World Breams, Family Cyprinidae
All species of genera Abramis, Blicca, Megalobrama and Parabramis

Old World Chubs, Ide, and Dace, Family Cyprinidae
All species of the genus Leuciscus

Asps and Yellowcheek, Family Cyprinidae
All species of the genera Aspius, Pseudaspius, Aspiolucius and Elopichthys

Giant Barbs, Mahseers, and Catla, Family Cyprinidae
All species of the genera Tor and Catla and the species Barbus tor (synonymous with Barbus hexagoniolepis)

Walking Catfishes, Family Clariidae
All species

Electric Catfishes, Family Malapteruridae
All species

South American Parasitic Catfishes, Family Trichomycteridae, Subfamilies Stegophilinae and Vandelliinae
All species

Whale Catfishes, Family Cetopsidae
All species

Airsac Catfishes, Family Heteropneustidae
All species of genus Heteropneustes

Pike Killifish, Family Poeciliidae
Belonesox belizanus

Marine Stonefishes, Family Synanceiidae
All species

Tilapia, Family Cichlidae
All species of genus Tilapia (including Sarotherodon and Oreochromis)

Snakeheads, Family Channidae
All species

Asian Pikeheads, Family Luciocephalidae
All species

Old World Pike-Perches, Family Percidae
All species of the genus Stizostedion except Walleye, Stizostedion vitreum and Sauger, S. canadense

Ruff, Family Percidae
All species of genus Gymnocephalus

Nile Perch, Family Centropomidae
All species of genera Lates and Luciolates

Seatrouts and Corvinas, Family Sciaenidae
All species of genus Cynoscion except Spotted Seatrout, Cynoscion nebulosus; Silver Seatrout, C. nothus and Sand Seatrout, C. arenarius

Source: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website:

LOL. It may have been more expedient for Texas to merely list the allowed species and provide that all unlisted species are illegal.
About the freshwater eels. Are peacocks included because they sell them at petsmart and my friend had one

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Jul 3, 2009
Peacock Eels aren't eels.


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May 11, 2013
Missouri - List not complete

Marble Crayfish
Rusty Crayfish
Grass carp
Zebra Muscles