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I'm new to this forum

Mr. Bones

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The key to setting up any tank either fresh or salt is make it appealing to you. Others may like what you do, but you gotta look at them everyday :)

And they look good to me already.


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Thanks! The top one is my saltwater and it just seems so dull... I know that my anemone needs special lighting but I love the LED lit tanks. Is there LED lighting that I could use that would satisfy the needs of my anemone?


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Anemones are very difficult to raise in a tank with fishes. The anemone need cleaner water, and fishes put too much waste in the water.
There are some LED lights that claims to be bright enough for SW corals and anemone, but I do not have any experience with them.


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Welcome to AC!

I don't know anything about salt water. But can I suggest moving the lucky bamboo out of the smaller tank? They don't survive fully submerged like that, so it won't last too long.


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They look great. Have you had these setups a long time?


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try re scanning the tank. If it were me I would move those rocks off the wall and try to make one or two islands with the rock.