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Incubation method for hatching p. diffusa


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And to think I was trying to keep the humidity high...


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aqua clear :)
Hey There Msjinkzd!

I'm just wondering why my last few batches of snail eggs haven't been fertile/ hasn't hatched and the thing is they're not tester batches as they've laid several batches already yet the last few batches had nothing at all, and could please kindly tell me what may be the problem if my snails have rough shells? as in you can see the growth bands all on the shell =s



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Everyone is talking about incubators can you just hatch them from the side? Im nervous about removing them at this stage.
Yeah, you can try to. The thing about the incubator is that it guarantees your humidity where as if they are on the side of the tank or wherever, they may or may not get enough humidity to hatch, or they might just dry up and shrivel. How long has the clutch been there? If it is dry but nowhere near time to hatch, you should still be able to easily remove it. They don't get all that fragile until a little while in. I mean you have to be careful, but a few busted eggs in the clutch are no biggie...the rest of the clutch will still hatch. They are pretty tough.


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If you keep all your different colored p. diffusa snails in the same tank, do they interbreed and produce mixed color babies? Or can you just put them together and it wont be that big of a deal?
You can put them all together unless you are trying to isolate and get a certain color. They are all the same kind of snail, so mixing them will not cause some kind of hybrid. There are charts both here on AC and on applesnail.net charting what mixing one color of snail with another color reproduces. Dark bodies are almost always dominant, so if you mix a dark bodied snail with a light bodied snail you will most likely get all dark bodies. There are SO many different combinations you can make. If I remember correctly, I think some of the prior parentage goes into it as well, so if you don't know what color the parents were of your snails, you don't know exactly what genes you are starting with. I'm not positive on that one, but I am pretty sure. Playing with diffusa genes is fun though. Just make sure you have somewhere to rehome them before you start breeding them. =)


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This is great info! I just had posted the question "what are these?" (empty clutches), and someone figured it out from the pics. Now I want to try and hatch these. I only have a small Aqueon 5g acrylic tank, about 3+ snail, but found two clutches recently but the eggs seem to have hatches or broken into because the sphericals on the outside were all broken out? So the snail doesn't lay the clutch under water, but outside, usually on the side of the tank? Must be falling in and either hatching or something breaking them open. Will try to watch for one, and give this a try. Thanks for the info!
Oh and on sexing mystery snails. . . https://floridamysterysnails.com/2018/06/05/sexing-mystery-snails/
Pic with two holes = female, no or one hole = male

male-mystery-snail2.jpg Male

female-mystery-snail2.jpg Female