Is my platy pregnant?!

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Jan 26, 2020
So I just brought these platy yesterday. I thought it was male when I first brought it home. But is it pregnant?IMG_20200126_225147.jpg


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Jun 28, 2006
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I can't tell since it's bottom fin is kind of clamped toward the body. Look up "gonopodium" pics.

To me it looks more like a female. Not very far along with it's "gravid spot" (look that up too). The spot will get larger & darker closer to "her" giving birth. Platys & almost all livebearer females have been fertilized from early on. They can hold sperm & may be pregnant (gravid) for a long time without a current male in the tank. They often give birth & turn around & eat the newborn fry so it's good you have some cover, I hope it's enough if you want to save any babies. Still, it can be fun to watch reproduction without trying to save any or all fry. No telling what type male may have fertilized her if she was in a mixed color platy tank. Not all fry are pretty & tend toward more bland coloring. Good luck!
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