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Pterophyllum scalare
Jul 22, 2006
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hey everyone!
as you can see, i have been here for a few months.
before i started keeping fish, i read every single book my library has on aquariums (thats like 20) from front to back over and over. so yea, i know a whole lot on how to set up aquariums and the fish that inhabit them, especially angels, discus, dwarf gouramis, kissing gouramis, and opaline gouramis.

i have and admit to having MTS lol. i have a 20 gallon long im my room next to my desk, and next to that is my beloved cockatiel Ivie. in the twenty there are 6 blackskirts, 1 peppered corydoras, and one angel (its a long story wha i cant put her with the others, there is a thread named angels, black skirts, peppered corydoras, and dwarf gouramis by me that explains everything about her). BTW i am going to be adding at least two more peppered corydoras to keep the single one company

then in the basement there is a 90 gallon with 2 full size angels, the twins, and then four more that are around 4-5 inches. swimming around the bottom i have a group of 8 3 line corydoras that were just added last month so they are a little small right now. besides the angels around the middle ive gor a red parrot and hes about 4 inches right now, and then there is a school of 15 bleeding heart tetras.

then in my brothers' room there is a 5 gallon with a dwarf gourami and 4 ghost shrimp

then, the last tank is in my sister's room, and it is a 2 gallon with 4 male endlers


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Dec 30, 2005
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Mr. Normal
Welcome! I look forward to your posts.