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Kissing Gourami with cichlids??


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is it possible to keep kissing gourami with any types of cichlids?
if so, which ones would be suitable?

the tank is 55g and the only fish in there are 2 kissing gourami and a sailfin pleco


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Pretty much any cichlid except for the larger ones like oscars, dempsey, red devil, grean terrors, as they are far to aggressive. Kissing gouramis grow very large themselves and can hold there own. I'd say there a little under semi aggressive, they won't kill but will pin a few fish from time to time. These guys can pretty much go with any cichlid.


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i had two groumies with my dempsey and he was also with a firemouth cichlid and they did fine together plus they were all in a 55g


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Kissers typically won't tolerate anything of similar size once mature. Smaller fish, no problem. If the cichlids are larger than the kisser, things are probably going to go the other way.

Little kissers are pretty timid. IMO, they're personable and enjoyable when big.